Sunday, December 11, 2016

Happy Howl-idays! KELDA IS BACK!

The Marvelous, Magnificent, Kolossal Kelda is back with her annual report!  Here's my Christmas picture.  I have to admit I wasn't a fan of that old metal truck bed.  Or... maybe I'm just daydreaming of a white Christmas.  Where I live, a white Christmas is really a dream.  I don't live in Colorado any more!  But the photographer is a nice lady.  If you live near Grandma, contact her and she'll send you the link to the business.  (My PR mom thinks the round tail lights look like Christmas balls hanging from the sides of the truck.)

I'm sorry I don't do this blog more often, but the fact is that my grandma keeps me very busy - that and the little problem with the paws and the, um, keyboard.  But here's a fast chronological view of what I've been doing in 2016.  Ready?

Libraries are good!  My teacher friend, Miss Dodd, conducted a book signing and reading at the Orinda, California, Library.  I attended  and everyone got to pet me afterwards.  I visit several libraries!  I participate in Read Across America (on Dr. Seuss' birthday) in Miss Dodd's first-grade classroom every year, where Grandma and I read to the kids.

Here I am, listening attentively, as the kids from Murwood Elementary School read to me.  (I look serious here because it was such a good book.)

Here's something else I've done this year: I returned to take a few refresher classes in doggy dancing.  Here's a picture me getting ready, thinking about my moves!  (I recommend this exercise for all YOUR dogs.)

Back to books (I like them a lot):  The Girl Scouts had a reading project with therapy dogs.  I really enjoyed listening to their stories, and I LOVED the sign they made for us!

It's hard for Grandma to believe, but the month of May gave me birthday #8!  I don't look any older, do I?  Well, maybe my rose nose is a bit rosier.  My wonderful PR Mom and Dad always remember my birthday, along with Grandma.  I had my doggy friends over for a play date and to help me eat my delicious treats!

We're big on parties, anyhow.  I always get excited when my CCI doggy friends come over for a play date and enjoy the treats Grandma passes around!

Now here's a summertime photo. I am volunteering at Camp Erin, a bereavement camp for children who have lost a parent or sibling.  I was wearing a pair of goofy sunglasses, and when this girl saw me, she started to smile! It was a very wonderful experience to see all these children smile and laugh again.  

I had a rather sad day this summer. We said goodbye to Miss Trish, the children's librarian at the Walnut Creek Library. For several years we've helped with Children's Storytime there, with Grandma reading to the kids. She worked with Miss Trish on this project. But Miss Trish has moved back to Canada! She wanted to be closer to her grandchildren. That's okay with me, but I miss her!

Here I am being silly at Camp Arroyo.  I'm sure you remember that name!  It's a camp for special needs kids held every summer.  Grandma facilitates wonderful therapy dog teams to visit with the kids and bring joy to their faces.
Bryanna and I have been friends for several years, with Grandma often
handing over my leash so Bryanna could take me for a walk. She put her sombrero on me! Aren't I cute!
Do you remember Tony LaRussa's Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF)?  Mr. LaRussa also hosts birthday party for kids.  While enjoying birthday treats, the kids learn about humane awareness toward animals, as well as how to care for them.  Grandma and I go up on that little stage.  Then she educates the kids about therapy dogs, how to approach an unknown dog (by the way, that's not just a dog you don't know - it's also a dog who doesn't know YOU), and how to ask to pet.  It's really a great program - loads of fun for the kids, and also for me!

May I please have permission to brag now?  This year I was awarded my Therapy Dog Excellent (ThDX) distinction.   I completed over 200 hours of therapy work, which
qualified me to receive this award!
That's all for now. Grandma and I wish sincerely all of you - and your special furry friends -
We'll be spending Christmas in Carmel again. I'lll send a photo next time. Okay?