Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Queen Reports

I've been busy lately!

The latest thing I've done was to go with my PR mom when she got her latest mammogram. (No pictures, obviously!) New sights, new people, new smells, lots of attention... but I was a good girl and stayed in my corner, um, most of the time. My mom says annual mammograms are good for her health (and she was happy when we were done). But I'm sure glad we dogs don't have to do it!

So here is the most gorgeous Lab in Colorado posing on the deck on Easter Sunday. My PRs call it their deck. Actually, it's my throne room. From it, I, Queen Kelda the Magnificent, regard my vast domain. And now that the snow's gone, it's even more fun!

I entertained my cousin Zebrina on it. And off it. And around it.

She's my cousin because my PRs raised her before they raised me. She lives in town with people who spoil her rotten - and she loves it.

Here is what she looked like when she was a little puppy.

She didn't get to be a Canine Companion for Independence because she worries about things. Service dogs shouldn't do much of that because it keeps them from taking good care of their people. But now she has other people to take care of. She says it's just the right place for her!

She goes to the library! Here's a picture of her and another cousin, Olivia.

Children read to them! I don't know if they read back. As you can see, the sock monkey does, though.

She is a good citizen - yes, she is; both she and Olivia also passed their Canine Good Citizen tests. They have impressive badges to wear on their capes.

My friend Gamay and I went to Zebrina's birthday party at the library not long ago. (Gamay is the cute black Lab on the right.)

It sure was a good cake! (ZB shared it. She really did.)

Later on, she stayed at my house for a couple of days.

Cousins share!

What else have we done in my domain? We had a birthday party! Not for me - that's next week - but for my PR dad and some others of our family.

Here is Katie, one of the birthday girls. She likes me pretty well. Katie and her sisters stayed at our house overnight. That was fun!

Here is Megan. She's gotten tall enough to reach the door handle. Hey, I could do that, too, but there's no point. Doggy paws don't work well on doorknobs.

Here is Jenna. She used to be really afraid of dogs! She was afraid of Zebrina and Olivia and some of my cousins before them. But she isn't so afraid of me (unless I get really bouncy). My mom says it's because she is taller now than we dogs are. I say it's because I'm so cute.

The frisbee was fun! Tasted good, too. Um, I don't have it any more.

Oh well... the Queen still has a lot to learn!

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