Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kelda the Great Traveler

We are back from Indiana, and I had a good time. I think it is probably a good thing to wear a fur coat all the time. My PRs don't have that privilege, and they came home with little pink spots all over their arms and legs. They sure looked funny! My mom said they were chigger bites. But nobody chigged on me.

We got on an airplane. (This is my dad and me on the way to the security gate.) I had not been on an airplane before. Adventure was everywhere.

When we got off the plane in Indiana, my mom took me outside to hurry. But I couldn't. Indiana smelled so different from Colorado that I had to sniff every inch I could! Another strange thing is that the air always felt as if it were just about to rain. My PRs call it humidity, and say I got off easily.

Then I had to go inside the baggage claim room and give a traveler a puppy fix. I call it public relations work.

Then we drove and drove and finally reached my dad's Aunt Margaret's house.

And her two dogs welcomed me with wagging tails! This is Sammy (Samantha). She doesn't run a lot, but she's very nice.

This is Buddy. There isn't much of him, but he and I chased each other all over the big back yard.

One day we got in the car again and went to another country called Ohio. I had to share the back seat of the car!

We visited some relatives who liked me a lot. I liked them all, too. I liked their monogrammed beanbag chairs even better.

Another day we sniffed around Oxford, Ohio, with friends of my PRs. They all went to college there together - long, long ago. I'm going to college in August - but not to this one.

Please look carefully at this photograph. Remember that sad puppy who was afraid of stairs? These are not only steps. These are steps built like sidewalk grates! They were a little scary, but they held me up - amazingly - and I went up and down them! Everybody cheered me, and I got a couple of extra puppy treats out of it.

If you just like dog pictures, I'm just a minor character here, so you can ignore these.

All right. Back to important things.

In Indiana we went to a big parade with my dad's mom and dad.

At a parade, you sit on the sidewalk with a lot of other people, and you watch other folks walk down the middle of the street wearing funny clothing and making noise. It was fun for a while...

...but eventually I had other things to do. Ahh, attention! Scratch right there, please.

You never know what kind of dogs you're going to meet in a foreign country.

Another thing we did was to go to the boat races. The Madison Regatta has about a half million people (it seemed that way) and some very noisy boats. Some are fast and some are slow, but everybody cheers when something happens along the river.

To go to a Regatta, you bring your own blanket. If you are a human, you bring your own chair. You bring things to eat and drink. Remember to share with your dog. If you don't share with your dog (sigh), bring something for your dog to do.

Dogs, remember to pray before chewing on your bone.

When nothing was going on in the river, and I got tired of napping...

... I went to the dog park! Yessss!

Here's what I looked like most of the time I was there.

Soon it was time to go back home. Here is the crate I use when I travel. My dad can fold it down to almost nothing. It's great for napping, too.

Here is a real picture of real benches at the airport! My PRs thought it was pretty funny.

When we got off in Denver, I thought that somebody really hanging around outside the window was pretty funny. My dad said he was washing the windows. Why didn't he just lick them clean?

Now I'm getting close to college time. My people are filling out forms so the CCI teachers will know what I'm like (besides adorable). I will have to go to my favorite veterinarian so he can tell everyone I'm healthy. More fun coming up!


Terri said...

Wow Kelda, you did much better meeting the horses (or foreign dogs) than Loki and Odin did last year! They barked and caused a scene! And I'm glad you got into the dog park. It looks like you had lots of fun.

CalBuckeye said...

Hi Kelda. Kerry III here in Encinitas. I too have been to these foreign countries - both Indiana and Ohio. My mom says she went to a college in Ohio too where buckeyes rule. Bt when she was there this month the weather was lovely with NO humidity. Glad you represented CCI so well. See me on mom's blog at Until next time, Bye