Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bad Habits and Greatly Mistaken Identity

I have a bad habit. Well, more than one, I'm a little embarrassed to say.

This is one:
Hey, I was just making conversation! These MEE-YOW things are interesting!

This is another (I won't say I have just these two):

It looks as if I'm merely enjoying a fine breakfast (and the bigger, the better, as far as I'm concerned). But I'm also setting a speed record. I can inhale a bowl of Eukanuba in eight seconds flat. They say this habit could make me sick. How could good puppy food make me sick?

Life sure isn't always fun. Sometimes I think my name has been changed from Kelda to DON'T!

But my Puppy Raisers say it is part of growing up to be a Canine Companion. A service dog needs to be really healthy and not get tummy-aches (or worse) from eating too fast. When I'm a service dog, I'll need to be quiet, too, except when my person commands me to speak. Commands me to speak? Hey, I'll enjoy that command, if I can learn it.

Here's a picture of me in my fashion-forward, royal blue Gentle Leader:

Some folks actually think I must be a bad dog because I wear a muzzle. This is no muzzle! A real muzzle would keep me from opening my mouth (and biting). But I'd rather chew on puppy treats and nylabones than on you any day, thank you very much.

A Gentle Leader works like a halter does on a horse. When I have it on, my Puppy Raisers can lead me around by my head. The rest of me follows, of course, and it's easier for both of us than pulling on my fine muscular neck all the time.

Do I like it? No! I think it's a doggone nuisance. But the waggy-tailed friends I met at puppy class this week told me that with a little practice I can get it off my nose with my front paws when nobody's looking (presenting my Puppy Raisers with the opportunity to practice putting it back on me). It's loose enough to do. I can eat, drink, pant, and yawn with it on. I could probably bite with it on, too, but I'm not that kind of dog. Please!

Um, when is lunch?


Cindy said...
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Cindy said...

I eat too fast also. I just love the flavor to keep coming. Listen and learn from John and Mary. They have taught some of the best and most successful service dogs. This is a great joy for them and will be to you too.

Marianne said...

Hey Kelda! I didn't know that other dogs have blogs too. Yours is great, and gives me some good ideas. I like the trick for taking off the Gentle Leader; can't wait to try it out. Marianne needs lots more practice putting it on me, I'm sure. We have those funny MEOW creatures at my house too. Sometimes they say "RORRWOOR-HISSSSS" which Marianne says means "Leave me alone or I'll make you sorry you didn't!" I'm not sure how they will do that but so far I've been afraid to find out. Can't wait to read your next blog! Chow for now -- Ross