Saturday, November 15, 2008

Educational Matters

I'm now six months old, and I've been having a good time!

My people take me places. I can't show you pictures of every place, because they don't always take out their cameras. (Sometimes I keep them too busy.) But I'm learning how to get around in stores and shops. I've visited a couple of people in their homes. I've been to the Post Office twice. Everybody likes me. I'm learning how to like everybody... politely.

I'm embarrassed to say that one reason (among many) that my Puppy Raisers are taking me so many places is because I have some, ahem, bad habits. Just a couple. When I get up in the morning, I'm full of bounce and I'm rarin' to go. I like to jump, I like to bark (I'm just full of conversation), I like to chase the MEE-YOWs around. So...

My people want me to put all that wonderful energy into my schooling. Sometimes, after they walk me, we're off on an errand or two at eight o'clock in the morning! They're happy about it. The you-know-whats are happy about it. Me? Well, it's all right. I know other CCI pups to go offices and schools early every morning.

I take naps in between being educated.

So this week, I got to educate. I did my first demo. Demo is short for demonstration (yes! - another big word). At a demo, I get to help teach folks about service dogs and CCI, and everybody else gets to look at me and give me attention and say how cute I am.

Since this was my first one, I didn't quite know what to expect. But, although I'd never been to the school before, I knew the teacher. She's my Puppy Raisers' puppy - er, daughter. I've jumped on - er, met her before.

Of course, when she has puppy treats in her hand, I would never think of, um, you know, jumping on, um, her....

So I visited her classroom, and my PR (Puppy Raiser) Mom talked about me. I sat around and looked cute, and occasionally did a sit or a down when she told me. I did it like a pro! (Of course, the cuteness comes naturally.)

And, of course, I had to show them how I can take my Gentle Leader off all by myself.

My PR Mom told the students what I'll learn to do - even though I don't know much yet - and how, by the time I'm grown up, I'll be able to help somebody who can't move around very well. She told them the difference between a service dog and a guide dog (do you know?). She taught them what to do when they see a service dog in their neighborhood or at the mall. She taught them what to do when they see any dog they don't know (do you know?).

Then she let everybody practice on me.

That was the best part.

They each came up and asked, "May I pet your dog, please?" And of course the answer was yes.

I must say that, about halfway through, I didn't know if I wanted to bounce around and play with everybody or lie down and take a nap. So I did a little of the first, and, after I got back in the car, a lot of the second. A puppy's life is soooo strenuous.

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Mark said...

Hi - My name is Mark. My wife and I are puppy raisers in the NE region. We are raising Keilus who is the litter mate of Kelda. If you send me your e-mail address I will send you a link to photos of Keilus. We really loved reading about Kelda.