Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Happy 2009!

This is my very first New Year's Day. I've enjoyed the whole holiday season. I received some good presents (a dinosaur and a nylabone, and also a kong toy with tails).

We've had lots of people visit us, an we've visited them. If this is what a CCI service dog's life is like, I really wanna be one!

My cousins (are they my cousins? My PRs' children belong to them) came for three days. Here are Loki and Odin; they're handsome Norwegian Elkhound boys. We had a good time together. They chased squirrels, and I chased them.

They like ice cubes, too, just the way I do.

I'm told it's the time to make resolutions, so here are a few, and what I'm - really, what my PRs are - doing about them.

I RESOLVE to eat my food, not bolt it.

I do love mealtimes! But I still chow down too fast, so... folks have given me something to help me. Yep, it's a rock. No, I don't eat it, silly! I just eat around it. It makes me take more time.

not to jump on people. I like people, and I like jumping. Why not put them together? It's hard to remember not to. So...

You wouldn't want to drink out of this can. It has little baby rocks in it. My PRs don't throw it at me (although they may be tempted). But it makes a big noise when I start to jump on somebody. I don't like the noise, so I try not to jump. I wiggle instead. Hey, I have to do something!

not to be a fraidy-MEE-YOW about stairs. I don't know why, but sometimes I look at a stairway and want to run in the other direction! If my people pick me up and put me on the steps, I'll do what I should. But I'm a big girl - I've almost outgrown my medium-sized CCI cape - and it's hard for them to pick me up. So... I'll try to be brave. Maybe. (No picture for this one - they have their hands full of me.)

to wear my tags on my collar every time I go out. This is my new friend. She came to play with me because she decided to walk around the neighborhood without her tags. It took all day long to find out that she really lived just over on the next block. (I hope she'll come back. With her tags.)

I RESOLVE not to get into big trouble. Hey, this wasn't my fault!

Yes, I admit I've pulled up plants and jumped on the picnic table, but nothing like this! I tell ya, I didn't do it! It was the wind! Don't blame me!

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