Friday, January 16, 2009

Of mice and MEE-YOWS...

Here's what I've been up to lately:

Kelda helps clean up the yard! A big (enormous!) tree blew down right after Christmas.

I didn't get in on the fun when the men came with their chain saws...

...but later on, when my PR dad started cleaning up the clutter, I saw a way I could really be of service.

After all, I want to be a service dog, don't I?

So I picked up leftover sticks and other items to carry out of the way.

Well, I intended to do that, but they were so much fun to carry I forgot about being helpful.

Funny thing. My dad didn't say thank you.

Kelda's buddy, Mr. Grey! He probably shouldn't be my buddy because he likes to get service-dogs-in-training into trouble.

In the pictures, he may seem to have a mean look, but he really likes me.

No, really, he does.

Kelda's buddy, Jasmine!
Jasmine is a grown-up Lab - she and my older cousin Zebrina (who used to live here) were buddies. She's my buddy, too. Look - she has a pink nose just like I do! When she comes over, we play and play...

..and then she shows me all the places she and Zebrina used to dig in the yar... oops. Forget I said that. I wasn't supposed to tell.

Kelda doesn't jump so much! (??)
My PR mom told me she noticed I was trying to be good about not jumping on people. Mom says it's especially important that I not jump, because I now weigh 57-1/2 pounds and that's a lot of jumping power. So I really, really tried the other day when her friends came. I only jumped a couple of times. Maybe three. Um, maybe four. But I was so excited to see them (they really like me) that I wiggled and ran around the house in circles and barked very loudly. My mom sighed....

Kelda meets a Fake Mouse!
I hear there's a more famous Fake Mouse in California (that's someplace west of here). But we only went up the road to a birthday party at a noisy pizza place.

Here's the birthday girl, Megan...

...Here I am with one of her big sisters, Jenna...

...And... here's her other big sister, Katie.

(They're my PRs' granddaughters.)

Well... I know what a mouse is. I've learned that from my buddy, Mr. Grey, who has a speaking (sort of) acquaintance with several in the neighborhood.

And what did I find?

Well may you ask! This dude has the last name of Cheese, but I don't think cheese would melt in his mouth. He doesn't even smell like a mouse!


Kelda rests from her labors!...

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CCI ADIT, Ross VI said...

Dear Kelda, WOOF, you have really been busy! The Big Mouse looks odd; maybe there will be a CCI outing to that place and we can all play with him! We have a kitty at our house too, and he also likes to get the dogs in trouble. Jeezz, you can't trust cats, can you? Chow for now! Ross