Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kelda Catches Up!

Hello! Hello...? Anybody there? I'm baaaack!

I had a great three weeks at the kennel. I recommend it, for whatever reason you may visit. Those are very, very nice people! I made, um, a little work for them, but they liked me anyhow and even took me for walks every day. (I also got busted... for excitable jumping. They told my PRs on me. Oops.)

While I was away I missed a few interesting events. I'm not going to say my PRs were disloyal by bringing other dogs home. I just wish I'd been here to play with 'em.

This is a cousin of mine... or something. He's the very first puppy my PRs ever raised for Canine Companions for Independence! (I'm the eighth.)

His name is Sean. He's ten years old now. I'm only ten months old this week, so that's hard to imagine. He was a service dog for a little while, but he's retired and supervises a wonderful family. My Mom told me Sean was old on the outside, but the same sweet, goofy puppy on the inside.

Some people say dogs forget the past and live only in the present. Not quite. We love living in the moment, but we do remember smells and sounds and the people who love us. How could we not!

Remembering commands like visit, up, and don't - not so much. (No, I didn't snicker... did you?)

Here's another guest. Her name is Kenzie. She stayed here one afternoon because her house was the scene of a party. (For some reason, she wasn't invited. We dogs have a sad life. Sniff.)

Remember that big tree that, well, decorated the roof of our house?

They took it away.

While I was gone, some nice workmen began to build us a new porch. They're still at it.

They built the supports, but not the floor...

...so Kenzie played peek-a-boo. I hope to play with her some time!

By the time I came home, they had laid the floor but there was only a ramp down to the yard.

Now, I ask you: Am I chicken? No! Regard this, please...

Yes! It was fun, and I felt very adventurous!

This new, deck-y sort of porch gives me a great vantage point for watching wildlife...

...and doing other things.

That is not one of my MEE-YOWs! She lives next door. I don't know what she's going on my deck.

Then... they built steps! Oh, my.


Can I do this?

YES! Hooray for me! (Hooray for puppy treats.)

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Terri said...

Glad you made it home safely Kelda! Your such a brave girl going up and down that ramp and the new stairs. Your new porch is very pretty! Maybe we'll come visit you this summer so Loki and Odin can check it out. :-)