Sunday, February 15, 2009

How can I be in heat if it's snowing outside?

I'm writing long distance (via my PR mom). I'm taking a vacation!

The other day my mom said, "Kelda, you've grown up! You're not ready to go to puppy college yet, but you'd be ready to have puppies if CCI wanted you to." Well, I hadn't thought about a career change, but... whatever! I'm always up for adventure.

The next thing she said was: "For this, you get a treat - three weeks at the kennel!" Oh, yeah? I'd heard other opinions about the kennel.

So she drove two nylabones, a toy, a filled bone, and me out to the kennel. There are lots of dogs out here! I live next to a very friendly Golden Retriever. I have my own room. My suite falls short in the fabulous decor department, but it does have an attached private patio. The people are very nice. They're going to play with me and walk me and do a little cleaning up after me. This may not be too bad.

So I'll see you all in three weeks!

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