Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kelda Reappears!

You'll never guess where I am! Don't try too hard - I'm going to tell you.

This is what has happened since I changed
my career direction.

I stayed at the CCI Training Center for a
while. What fun! I didn't have any classes to pass. So I lived in the wing with the other dogs who didn't go to class either (because they had been released - or were in heat). I played... and hung out in the grooming area... and played... and hung out in the office... and played.... I still had to practice my good manners, though!

My PRs were looking for a forever home for me, where I would be loved and spoiled rotten and have some special work of my own, even if it isn't with CCI. And just as t
hat was really going great... I got sick. Don't get the wrong idea. CCI dogs don't get sick too often. But it happens, and I'm all over it now. I'm glad, too, because I have better things to do.

Meanwhile, a lot of Super-People wanted me to live at th
eir house - and I really hope they'll all get Super-Dogs to love. Among them was a lady near San Francisco Bay in California, who wanted to adopt me and teach me to be a therapy dog. This is a special lady.

Do you remember back when I was a little pup, telling you about my daddy? His name is Weldin. (That's his picture. Handsome dog, my daddy.)

Well, the lady who wan
ted to adopt me is named Mrs. Carol Weldin. My daddy is named after her late husband! His name was Dr. Donald Weldin, and he was a wonderful veterinarian who helped lots and lots of Super-Dogs like me. Pretty cool, huh?

SOOO... one day my friend the CCI vet - his name is Dr. Brad Steele - came to see me.

He took care of me when I was sick but, since I wasn't sick any more, he took me to his house instead.

I got to meet Mrs. Steele (who is Dr. Sophie Steele because she is a vet, too!) and their children... and their dogs... and their MEE-YOWs... and I got to sleep at their house instead of the kennel! I do enjoy a little variety in my routine.

Well. It was fun to stay there, but I had something on my mind. California is a big state, and Grandma Carol lived hours away. It has been soggy in California. It has rained and rained and RAINED! If I had curly fur it would have gone straight in all that rain. (My straight fur didn't go curly.) My PRs had told me all about Noah, back in Old Testament times, and the ark he sailed on with all the animals when it rained so hard. Was I going to have to hitchhike on an ark to get through the rain to Grandma Carol's house? (Imagine my cute face sticking out of the right-hand porthole in the front. Yoo-hoo! Picture Mr. Noah in back of me, waiting with a little peanut butter. My Creator taught him how to take care of dogs. He must've had peanut butter.)

I didn't need to worry. My favorite vets and their children - the Steeles - were my VIP chauffeurs! They drove me all the way from Oceanside up to Alamo, California, right to Grandma Carol's front door! Wasn't that nice of them? Better than swimming! (Yes, I heard about that brave dog in the Los Angeles river.)

...AND here I am with my Grandma Carol! This is going to be interesting! I'll let you know what happens next. (P.S. She has lots of peanut butter in her kitchen cupboard!)


CalBuckeye said...
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CalBuckeye said...

way to go Kelda. Looks as though you landed with a wonderful family there. All the best in your new place and let us know how it works out and what your adventures are!