Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kelda the Princess

Didn't I tell you that I wanted to be a Princess?

Well, I think I am. I sure feel like one, and that's really what being a Princess is about in the U.S.A.

I like living with Grandma. Some of my blog friends are of the opinion that I shouldn't be calling her "Grandma"! It must be because she doesn't look like a white-haired, rocking-chair-sitting old granny. (Actually, it's my PR mom who has the white hair.)

But since my daddy was named after Dr. Weldin, Mrs. W. rather thinks of Daddy as a four-footed kid! So, being Weldin's daughter, of course I'm a granddog. And the name is her own idea, so Grandma she is.

To get back to the Princess thing: let me show you a bit of the Palace.

Here (right) is the deck off the kitchen. It's a good place to relax and survey my domain. I'm not really wearing a hat; that's a concrete lantern in the garden.

Here is the tea house. It's not really for drinking tea in, but when spring comes Grandma will set all the furniture out and it'll be really pretty.

In back of me are the pond and the waterfall. I'm not supposed to swim in the pond or play in the waterfall, so I'm not really sure why they're here.

And here is one of the best things about my yard: it is well supplied with sticks. My Grandma thinks of everything! When the whole place isn't so soggy, I'll be able to play out here.

There are others in my family besides Grandma, and one of them goes by the name of Mocha. The look on my face is not because I still live with MEE-YOWs. It's because I ran out of peanut butter in my Kong toy (sigh).

Grandma has many friends! This one (seen below) we call Papa Jack. His home has steps. Remember that twerpy pup who was scared of stairs? Glad I'm over that. After running up and down them a couple of times after the ball, I decided - Princess-like - to wait at the top for the ball to come up, catch it, and then drop it back down the stairs.

The reason Mocha and I are friends is because we'd like to have the same tastes in people food. Papa Jack had a great hot dog but he didn't share it! Not one bit!

These folks are Mr. and Mrs. Trisko. They have a CCI dog named Nuela, who had pups not long ago. The pups' daddy is my daddy, so that makes us half-siblings or cousins or something! It is indeed nice to be near family.

Of course, everybody knows that one thing a Princess does is to shop until she drops. So Grandma and I went to Dog Bone Alley. It's a very fancy shop! Smells good, too!

Take a look at this. I now have a Princess-like pink collar with polka dots because I like to be
trendy. I have a leash to match, too.

And we found a ball that even I can't chew up (Grandma hopes)!

The store lady, by the way, lets CCI have fund-raisers there sometimes. So if you live near Danville, California, get your people to take you shopping at Dog Bone Alley.

Grandma tells me I'll have work to do soon, but right now I'm
having fun meeting my subjects and enjoying my kingdom!


Cindy said...

You are one blessed pup!!!!

CalBuckeye said...

Sweet Kenda, it appears you landed in the perfect home for you! P.S. I know your friend's Nuela's puppy raiser! She is in my Bunco group and I got to watch Nuela grow up. I'm sure your half siblings will be just darling!