Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kelda Does This and That, Not to Mention the Other

Mocha, Muffin, and I are sitting in my office - OK, it's really Grandma's office - talking over the past several weeks. (They like me now that I don't chase them down the hall.) There are events from those weeks that I haven't told you about. I've been a lot busier than the MEE-YOWs, but of course they have more supervisory work than I do. I don't think this household could run without them.

I go to obedience school. Not that I'm disobedient, but I need to get classwork in so I can get my Canine Good Citizen standing, which I need in order to apply to be a Therapy Dog. Grandma decided not to take pictures during class so as not to distract my other classmates... or make them jealous.

We practice the things that all dogs should do. We sit, we stand, we wait (staying put, no matter what our person is doing!), we walk politely, we refrain from chasing MEE-YOWs, squirrels, and other riff-raff... oops, better not tell Mocha and Muffin I said that. I do like to go to class.

After all that work I'm pretty tired, so I take a nap... oops, better not tell the CCI folks about this. (These flannel sheets are great, though.)

Once in a while I supervise the mail. Grandma can have the envelopes with the little windows in them; I prefer packages. This was a good one. My PRs sent her a picture they found (it's not of me but it could be), and they sent me toys which don't have a lot of stuffing but do have a lot of squeakers.

That reminds me of Grandma's birthday party not long ago. And even though it was her birthday and not mine, look what I got! Row-WOOO!

I went to her Valentine's Day party, too. (Just call me a Party Pup.) And I got to wear pearls! See? (Look closely.) They're not for every day! Here's Grandma wearing them. Who says I don't know how to share? Oh, wait... am I sharing with her or is she sharing with me?

Did I tell you about my vets? I have lots of veterinarian friends. When I lived in Colorado I was buddies with Dr. Wasinger and his staff. At the CCISW training center I loved Dr. Steele... and Dr. Steele. Now I have two more special friends. One is Dr. John Andersen. He's a real good friend of Grandma's.

The other is Dr. April Ervin; she has Dr. Weldin's practice (of course, he was a vet, too). Dr. Ervin makes sure I stay healthy. I hadn't planned for her to look at my ears, but she did. I have interesting ears. They get, um, germs 'n' stuff in them and then I need medicine. It just goes with being a lovable, lively Lab.

Finally, here is one of my other jobs.

It's my duty to celebrate holidays - or anything that comes close to being a holiday. I've heard about how St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. If he'd had to drive dogs, it surely would have been just to the nearest dog party. St. Patrick was a good man. So here I am, um... for, um... I hate to think about Easter coming up...

Aw, shucks, I look cute in anything!


Cindy said...

So adorable. Looks like she has a wonderful home.

bbdogsmom said...

Wow Kelda, -- I'm just catching up with you today. It's Easter Sunday so I'll be looking for a new post in your Easter holiday garb.... a bonnet maybe? Hope to meet you soon, Kelda. Tell your Grandma to let me know when you'll be accepting 'guests' late one afternoon soon. Thanks!