Saturday, April 10, 2010

California Living

Everybody says living in California is easy and laid back.  They talk about lots of sunshine (when it isn't raining); healthy outdoor living (when there's not a fire); and friends to - say - look out the window with to see if it's snowing (oh, wait... snow in April happens in Colorado, not California).

I'm sure enjoying it.  I have quite a big social calendar and I've made some new friends.  Here's my friend Marvin with his person, Auntie Ada Beth.  We're showing her what good listeners we are.  When she's done talking, maybe she'll give us treats.

Here is my Auntie Denise.  We're at the park to show you Grandpa Weldin's tree.  Where?  Oh, well, I had to crop the picture so the tree's, um, out of sight.  You'll have to tear your eyes away from (ahem) us and look at the little plaque to the left of us (your left).

Here I am with my friend Sophia.  The decoration is really a toy.  Aren't we gorgeous?

This is Betsy, who came to visit us.  She lives in Ohio, and she raised my Mama, Jenni!  She also raised my sister Kiwi.  She's very nice.  This (on your left) is called "cradle."  This (on your right) is called "play with your guest's hair."  

Since she raised Mama, and since I already have a grandma, is she my great-grandma??

I went with Grandma to a wine-tasting party.  I prefer white myself, but....  (This is a joke, folks!  Grandma knows, just as you do, that even a little alcohol is toxic for dogs!)

My friend Alexa is a CCI pup.  She has so much to learn to be a service dog that I knew she would need a little recreation.  So I very kindly gave her some.

Then there are times I just like to be goofy.

It's not all play, though.  I just passed obedience school!  

This is another step toward becoming a therapy dog.

And thinking about that, I'm wondering if all the crazy costumes Grandma puts on me might not be a good thing.  After all, I'll be visiting people who need some good cheer.  My Creator forgot to provide humans with tails to wag when they're happy, so they have to smile instead.  Maybe my costumes will help people smile.

That being said... 

...we, um, celebrated Easter.

I took the ears off for dinner.  C'mon, Papa Jack, hurry up with the food!

The Easter bunny never looked this good.

After the festivities, of course, came another California tradition:  chilling out in style!  Zzzzz....

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Heather and Ellie said...

Wow, you sure do live a social life! Sounds like California treating you well :)