Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kelda the Therapy Dog

Remember my saying that I passed the test for my Canine Good Citizen certificate?  Well, I've done more.  Attention, please:  Kelda the Wonder Dog is officially Kelda the Therapy Dog!

The proof is in the picture above.  (I have certificates, too.)

When you are any kind of service dog, you wear a cape.  That's so people know they can let you into their building.  (All dogs are too cute to keep out of any building, but there are rules.)  I'll wear the red cape for the Paws to Read program at the Orinda Library; I may have an adult day care job, too.  The Purple vest is for the Valley Humane Society Pet Therapy Program; I'll be in Paws to Read (yes, I like books) and hopefully some other activities.  The summer-yellow one is for Tony LaRussa's Animal Rescue Foundation Pet Hug Pack.  I'll be part of birthday and learning-center parties that promote animal awareness, and other events, too - like Stars to the Rescue, where I may meet some celebrities!  Rrrrrowlf!  Is Rin Tin Tin still around?  Marley?

I'm going to love these jobs!  I can hardly wait to get to work!

Speaking of being official, three of my sisters have graduated from CCI puppy college and become Canine Companions:  Keilus, Kerris, and Kiwi.  Way to go, Special Ks!

Here's what else has been happening.  I have a friend at the fire department now.  We met at the Bodega Bay Fisherman's Festival in April.  I don't know if that will make any difference if my MEE-YOWs should set Grandma's house on fire.  (But why should they do that?  It would burn up their dinners as well as mine.)

In May I went with Grandma to Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, to meet my Aunt Lori.  We had dinner at the Cypress Inn, which Grandma says is owned by an animal-lover named Doris Day.  I'd never heard of her, but maybe you have. 

Carmel is a town that loves dogs.  Here I am on the famous Carmel Beach Walk (yes, that's really the ocean back there)... 

...and on the dog-friendly beach!

There was another special day in May.  It was my birthday!  I am now two years old.  My age count is half my paw count.  Once you read down to the bottom of the page, you'll see my official birthday portrait - complete with pearls.

I had a party with Grandma and my buddy Alexis, whose PR is named Deb.  We had permission to do Ups on her!  I received a "cool" collar (Grandma can soak it in water and it will keep me cool)...

... and the inevitable, um, hat.

Then I had a big surprise.

My PR Dad walked in the front door and said, "Hello, Big Ugly!"  I hadn't seen him since last August when I started puppy college.  (Don't worry about the "Big Ugly" business - he says that to any dog who is a Lab instead of a Golden Retriever.  We must forgive him for not being too bright.)
I got to sniff my car again, and even get in it (actually, it's my mom's car).  It had fragrances not just from Colorado but also from other dogs.  My dad had brought five CCI dogs out to California so they could start their advanced training.  Too bad I didn't meet them.

Then we had another party, and there was a cake just for me which Grandma had bought from Dog Bone Alley!  It was made with things that are yummy and safe for dogs to eat.  It was as hard as a hockey puck, but Dad pretended he was going to share it with me.

Then he helped give me more birthday presents that Grandma had picked out.  I love how she spoils me.

This is the best one.  It plays, "Happy Woofday to You."  Oh, wait... that's "Happy Birthday."  Sorry.

After my party, we went to my class.  Dad got to take me through my paces.  I don't think he expected to do that, but he remembered everything.  I taught him how to go around the cones.  That was new for him.  He did well, don't you think?

The summer should be fun - stay tuned!


CalBuckeye said...

Way to go Kelda! Congrats to you on your new job...I can't wait to hear more of your exciting adventures.

Cindy said...

I am very good friends with your original foster mom and dad John and Mary. You visited my third grade class room many times. I am so proud of you and your many accomplishments.
Keep up the good work.