Saturday, January 8, 2011


I hope you've had as happy a Christmas/New Year season as I have.  It's so nice to live where people love me, play with me - and, of course, feed me.

We opened presents...

...sometimes the wrapping is more fun than what it wraps.

Grandma's friends even brought some surprises for ME!  Here is her friend, Lt. Holliday - you met her in an earlier blog.

See the big pup?  Not me, the other one.  Down there.

It's really a pillow.  But Mocha has claimed it.  She sleeps on it near the fire.  Oh, well, I'm a generous dog and I'll let her!  That's Muffin in back of me, with eyes glowing.

We brought the New Year in with Grandma's friends, Mr. and Mrs. Jennison - here is Mrs. Jennison.  Everybody should love dogs as she does.  Row-ooo!

Even after all the holidays are done, it's good to remember that the New Year brings many good promises:  more pats, more ear-scratches, more tummy rubs, more bones, more peanut butter, more sticks, more people to cheer up, more running around in the back yard, more costumes (oh, wait...), more work, more fun.

Oh - and I hope 2011 brings good things to you, too!

P.S.  As you may remember, my siblings and I were born as Canine Companions for Independence puppies.

It was hoped that we would become service dogs.  But not all puppies grow up to make the cut (including me - we call it "change of career").  I am proud to say, however, that when it comes to being service dogs, my brothers and sisters and I achieved an almost 50% success rate!  There are three service dogs among us, and the rest of us are doing good things, too.  I'm very proud of us all!