Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Isn't Christmas great?  I love it!  There are lots of lights and happy sounds, and presents, and smiling people, and presents, and singing, and - oh, did I mention presents?  I am very thankful to my Creator for Christmas.

I'm thankful to Him for my grandma, too!  I love her!

What do I want for Christmas?  I already got my present (not that others are unwelcome) when the San Francisco Giants won the World Series!  When you live where I do, you've gotta be a Giants fan!  So lots of us have been celebrating Christmas for weeks!

Grandma and I have been going to Christmas parties, and I have a fancy Christmas collar to wear.  I won't complain about this costume (although there's a hat to match, as you'll see).  I like it, and so do a lot of other people.

My Christmas work has been mostly at the George Mark Children's House.  I've told you about that place (if you've forgotten, look at the previous post or two).  My "Uncle" Trevin (Grandma's previous dog) used to work there.  The people are soooo nice.  And the children with life-limiting illnesses who stay there are as sweet as they can be.

Including this one.  I think he meant to pat my head.  He was following me around to hug me and touch my face with his finger and say, "Ruff ruff."  But right after this picture was taken, his fingers missed and I got one right in the eye.  I was a good girl - I didn't say anything.  Everybody else was impressed.  (Is that worth an extra cookie bone?)

This little girl doesn't speak (or bark either), but she was sure excited to see me.

My CCI training sure is good here.  This move is called a Lap.  Some people can't bend down to me, so I go up to them!


Here's the Christmas party group picture.  There were handsome firemen and even NFL football players (yes, they beat the Broncos, but I can't help that).
See the lady peeking out of her door?  She started this whole place!  She named it George Mark in memory of her two brothers.

Here I am with Mr. and Mrs. Claus.  My job description is "Elf."  But I bet you already guessed that... by the, um, ears.  (Sigh.  Just a small one.)

Mrs. Claus really digs me!

I sat for a family picture with a really neat baby boy named George.  I am sorry to say that he is very sick.  He has a feeding tube in his nose.  His mom and dad take very good care of him and, when they need to go away, the people here take very good care of George, too.

How could any dog not want to work here?  I feel as if I'm being given a special present each time I come.  If you'd like to know more, here's where to look:

Mocha, Muffin, Grandma and I wish you a Meowy Christmas and a Yappy New Year!  (Yeah, I know that's old, but I like it.)  We're going to.  In fact, I know what I'm giving Grandma for Christmas - but I'm not telling!

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