Tuesday, July 9, 2013


So it's been HOW long since I added to this blog?  Over a year??  Um... hello there.  I hope you've been well.  If you were raising a puppy for CCI when you read my last update, that pup has grown up now.  I hope he or she is very happy.

Grandma and I keep quite busy, both working and enjoying ourselves.  We're also great sports fans, so we can now brag about the WORLD SERIES CHAMPION San Francisco Giants, as well as the ALMOST SUPER BOWL CHAMPION San Francisco 49ers.

Just in case you don't remember, here is the logo for our winning team.

I spent Christmas in Carmel with Grandma and our good friend, Aunt Lori.  Here I am in the beautiful park across from Carmel Plaza.  Carmel is very dog-friendly.  I find water bowls and treats greeting me at most of the stores.  There are even restaurants that welcome dogs to their outdoor dining spaces.

Now, here I am, getting packed and ready to go to the Super Bowl - in hopes of bringing back the Lombardi Trophy.  How exciting it would have been to have two major champion sports teams in the SF Bay area.  It would have been the sixth Super Bowl win for the 49ers!  Oh, well, we tried.

March 2 was the birthday of Dr. Seuss.  It was also Read Across America Day!  So there I was in Ms. Dodd's first grade classroom.  The children were all very polite (I know all about good manners!); they waited patiently to meet and pet me after Grandma read them some books that the teacher had selected.  This program takes place all over the U.S. on Dr. Seuss' birthday.  It's aimed at getting children involved and enthusiastic about reading.  I did my part.

And here I am with the Easter Bunny.  Only by the merest coincidence was I dressed like the Easter Bunny, too.  We took part in the brunch for the children in Orinda, California.  Grandma taught everybody how to approach a dog they don't know (and who doesn't know them), and she shared with them what therapy dogs do.  No, I didn't get to hunt eggs with the kids.  They ran around like crazy, and I had to watch politely.  Sigh.

A fashion note:  This (below) is a new one.

No, I didn't design it.  Really over the top, huh?  The tutu is so big I can hardly walk.  Grandma didn't make me wear it for very long, bless her.  For costumes like this I should get extra cookies!

Along the way, I managed to find time to celebrate my fifth birthday on May 13.  Can you believe it?  I got gifts, of course, and I wore the silly dunce hat that Grandma made my PR Dad wear when he came out for a visit back on my second birthday!  (That's the picture up on the top.)

My buddy La Russa (a CCI puppy in training) came over to help me celebrate.  He got one special cookie from the doggy store, but I didn't share my new toys with him (all right, call me selfish.  I prefer to think of myself as, um, forthright).  We did run about the yard chasing tennis balls and one another.  And I shared one of my dunce hats with him.  I thought that was nice of me.

On my actual birth date, I went to the Livermore Library for a Paws to Read session.  Grandma dressed me up - of course - and all the children made a fuss over me, which was certainly appropriate.

Here I am making my appearance for the children who stay at George Mark Children's House.  You may remember that this is a place where terminally ill or very sick children go for respite care, and their families can stay right there with them.  Once a year they have a huge picnic.  Miniature horses come to visit them; they can have their faces painted (the children, not the horses); there are clowns making balloon hats, and of course there are water balloons, and there is ME.  Everyone laughed and smiled and enjoyed themselves.  All the kids love it when I visit them.

Another of my favorite places is Camp Arroyo.  I'm with one of my special friends who comes to camp every year and always wants our picture taken together.  This is a special camp where special needs children can come and stay and just be themselves with whatever disability they may have.  Everybody is a special guest.  Grandma organizes visiting therapy teams twice a year - usually in August and November.  Everybody says how much fun it is.  They just love having us dogs come and visit - and we love visiting with them.

Finally, here's one of my favorite places to be - and, incidentally, Miss Kelda's new part-time job.  Grandma's good friend Kathleen has a big boat, and she invites me over to visit.  I enjoy dinner, watch the sunset, and - if I'm really good - get to help her navigate the boat.  I wonder if I need a special boat-driving license?

That brings everything up to date - but I don't want you to worry about my future.  I will post again - at least by Christmas!  Promise!