Thursday, April 10, 2014


That's how it's turning out, right?  About once a year?  And there are some people (I don't know about dogs) who blog every single day.  Whew!  Blogging any day is hard work when you don't have fingers.

But I'm very glad to say hello to you, and I hope you're wagging your tail at me, if you have one.

I would have done this a little earlier, but I've been busy with March Madness.  I can't say anything about the winner because I wish a California team had won.  But we can't have everything.

So here's what else I've been up to since last time.  Last summer I was up to my ears, almost, in water.  It's not exactly my favorite sport.  But Grandma says I need to learn to handle myself well around swimming pools.  Maybe I'll save a life, or a bone, or something, one day.

So my friend Melissa Trisko started me out last summer.  You can tell just how thrilled I am.

I did well enough to have fun at Auntie Joyce's pool party for graduate CCI dogs, but Grandma decided I needed to wear my fashion-forward life vest.

Exercise is good for me, though. I definitely know that. I really like the new Zoom Room - I think a dog must have named that - where I get to learn agility with my buddy, La Russa.  (What do you mean, you can't tell us apart?  I have the beautiful Rose Nose!)

It's so much fun to learn what to do with all this equipment!

When the weather turned too cold for outdoor sports, Grandma and I went back to work indoors.  We did a classroom presentation at Mr. La Russa's ARF Foundation.  I'm talking about the person, not the dog.  I really get a kick out of being a teacher.

No, I didn't play in the snow for Christmas.  I live in California, silly!  Grandma and I actually went to Aunt Lori's in Carmel on Christmas, and we walked the beach in 75-degree weather.  But there was this photographer who knew about fake snow...

Here's the real California Christmas!

In February I said (sniff) goodbye to La Russa, who was going off to puppy college (CCI professional training) in Santa Rosa.  As you may remember, Grandma never misses an opportunity to dress me up, so we looked like this for the Valentine's Day matriculation ceremony!

I've met a couple of well-known people, too.  Cokie Roberts is a political commentator with ABC News.  I hear she is an Emmy winner (I don't exactly know what that is, but I hope it comes with dog treats) and an NPR contributor;  she has also just written a children's book called FOUNDING MOTHERS:  REMEMBERING THE LADIES.  She was the keynote speaker for the East Bay Women's Conference and, since I was on duty, we decided we should be seen together.  

This is Dan Ashley, an award-winning news anchor on ABC-7.  He was the MC (or emcee, if you prefer) at the East Bay Women's Conference. In fact, this dog-lover has offered to be MC for our CCI chapter's upcoming  fundraiser, which is titled Dog Fest 2014.  Let's hear it for Dan!  WOOF!  WOOF!  (wag wag wag)

Now I'm keeping busy raising money and recruiting sponsors for Dog Fest.  

Here's a picture from my photo shoot.  How could they ever have done this project without me?  

This is a photo-shoot shot of Tatum (a breeder girl), La Russa (in advanced training), and yours truly.  We've had a good time doing this.  I wonder if there's an advertising career in my future?

And here are Grandma and Kelda Jean as we practice.  Dog Fest happens the end of May, so you still have plenty of time to get yourself and your four-footed friends up to walking speed.  Come join us!

I love everything I do and everybody I meet, but I love my Grandma best!