Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here's how to celebrate the Super Bowl

So I started hearing the words Super Bowl, and I started wondering what was in it (the dish, I mean) for me.

No such luck. But it was all right, anyhow.

The Super Bowl, it turns out, is a people game in which grown men play with a ball, jump on top of one another, knock each other down, and run from one end of a big yard to the other.

Hey, we pups do that all the time!

If we knock one another around too much or start growling, our people take us home. But these humans went at it for hours, and nobody cared what kind of growls they made.

Apparently it's important, though - worth a party, at least. So I figured I'd better get ready for it. I prepared myself by watching...

...the Puppy Bowl.

Now, that was interesting.

I did get a little distracted. Maybe football isn't my thing.

Maybe track suits me better. (I like to do sprints.)

So then we went to the party, and, although I was hoping... get a ball game going, it didn't work.

Gus liked the ball (just a big ol' ball - I didn't have one of those pointy ones), but he didn't care to run with it....

... and Rascal II liked telling me off. Just because it's his house.

Finally, we decided that what we really wanted to do was to be with the people.

I entertained them all when they got a little tired of the television. I ran up and down the steps (note, please: up and down the steps!) and wagged my tail at everybody. They couldn't have had a great party without me.

Next Super Bowl I'll be at puppy college in California, I hope (if I haven't - horrors! - flunked out). I'd like to plan a party for all of us advanced-training four-footies! Lots of balls, lots of running, lots of dog treats - it could be terrific.

Oh, before I go, take a look at this. Remember my friend who came over for the day because she didn't have a tag on her collar?

She came over again! See the tag? (Look closely at the edge of her collar on your left.) Isn't it beautiful? So she and I played for a while, and then my mom walked her around the block and took her home. Cool!


Cindy said...
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Cindy said...

Whoops! I had too many mistakes. Who is that adorable dog in the last entry? Did you really go to a Super Bowl Party with dogs. Too cute my creative friend.

Barrett's mom said...

Very cute and creative....