Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Being Thankful!

Ahhh... to be able to lounge on the down comforter with my good buddy, Mocha!  That's the place to start being thankful.  (If we look fuzzy, it's because we feel fuzzy - fuzzy and comfortable!)

But there's a lot more on my thanks list.  I may complain about all the costumes (and you'll see more of them), but they have a good purpose.  

At home I wear my own fur suit.  I help Grandma's friends celebrate birthdays... 

...and unbirthdays.

But when I go to work, it is often costume time.  I told you about the George Mark Children's House, right?  The children who come here have life-limiting illnesses, and the folks here help both the children and their loving families.  It's pretty cool, and the kids really like me to be there.

I thought I was in trouble with the Security man, but he just wanted to say hello (whew!).

Here's a friend of mine!  Blackie visits the George Mark Children's House, too.  He is a therapy HORSE (from the Sunrise Equestrian Foundation), and do the kids ever love him!

This costume is for my Paws to Read kids.  It is not my favorite.  But if it gets the kids to read, I can manage.

Sometimes I go without a costume.  My cape looks fancy enough.

Don't tell, but I didn't really want to know how to eat fried worms.  Peanut butter is more in my line.  But she did enjoy reading the book!

Another place I get to go is called Camp Arroyo.  Disabled children come here to take vacations... which gives their parents and caregivers a chance to get vacations, too.  (I'm squinting because the California sun is so bright.  But don't tell Grandma or she'll find me some silly sunglasses!)

This girl likes to takes me for walks.

Here's the team for this fall.  I have lots of two-footed and four-footed buddies here!

Despite the silly costumes, I'm thankful... both to my Creator and to everyone He has sent my way!  I'm thankful for my CCI education!  I'm thankful for my Grandma, who loves me and has given me such a wonderful home.  I'm thankful that I get my meals in a timely fashion.  I'm thankful that I have a yard to play in, and sometimes a warm fire to relax in front of.  I'm thankful that my MEE-YOWs put up with my occasionally (!) chasing them down the hall.  I'm thankful for the great toys Grandma keeps buying me!

Best of all, I'm thankful to be able to visit the children - whether they read to me to improve their skills, or whether I dress up to make them laugh, or whether I just visit them so they can talk to me and hug me and get smiles on their faces.

What are YOU thankful for?